Strom Carlson

Winners make a custom of manufacturing their own positive expectation in the advance of the events. Designing the electronic items with advanced features based on the emerging technologies is a challenge for many manufacturing companies in order to satisfy their customers. Stromberg-Carlson is a telecommunication equipment and electronics manufacturing company in the United States and was one among the five companies which controlled the national supply of telephone equipment until after World War II.

The company started their career by making smaller parts for the tube radios. Sooner or later they applied their telephone- audio experts to develop a successful line of radio headsets. With their passion and dedication towards the carrier, they became the first manufacturing company to merge phonograph and radio technology by integrating a phonograph jack into its radio chassis. Later they began to sell the company’s radio in which it exceeds that of the telephones.


Switching Systems

In the field of telecommunications, an electronic switching system is a process of interconnecting the telephone circuits in order to inaugurate the telephone calls with the help of telephone switch which uses digital electronics of 0’s and 1’s.

Stromberg-Carlson is well-known for the famous XY line of step by step switches, which was not developed by them, rather got licensed from the Sweden Company which was using whatsapp clone. Later in 1970’s they designed an electronically controlled analog switch on their own with professional expertise.

They assigned the switch name as Electronic Switching Center (ESC) which uses reed relays in the place of mechanical crossbars. Other developed variants were ESC-1 and ESC-3. But since the ESC was not a stored program control as it is more commonly used in crossbar switching than other SPC electronic switching system with whatsapp clone script.

Apart from telephone equipment, the company also produced military communication gear, institutional sound systems, transmission line loudspeaker enclosures, and sophisticated stereophonic equipment.

Comprehensive Electronics

Other ventures of Stromberg-Carlson were radio and television receivers, loudspeakers, commercial sound amplifiers and microphones, Ground-Air-Ground tactical communications, AUTOVON and secure systems adopted by a choice of government agencies across worldwide, Fire alarm products, such as bells and horns during emergency cases, and BC-348 HF radio during world war- II for a decade and after. Around 1960’s they also produced a computer –controlled film recorder which can output graphics and text either to 16mm microfilm and is used mainly for the computer output microfilm applications.

Stromberg-Carlson was very involved in the field of radio and television media in Rochester. They bought the first radio station in the country which was operating at the University of Rochester’s Eastman school of music. Later they developed into one of the most powerful AM station in the country.  They also developed the first FM station in the New York City and invented the first television receivers in the year 1939 and also the first to broadcast television programs on WHAM-TV station. This television station and the two radio station integrated their studios in million dollars next to the main plant also ranked third in the country to launch color television receivers.